Nitesh Caesar’s Palace by Nitesh Estates in Kanakapura Road, Bangalore, Apartments

Connecting all Nitesh Caesars Palace Buyers 490+      Home Buyers Associations, their benefits


Welcome to Nitesh Caesars Palace Buyers Association NCPBA NOW Time to Register and Stand United to fight for our rights.200 buyers are supporting NCPBA  as a platform to collaborate and Stand United.  Broad Objectives of NCPBA .Already 60+ buyers are registered.

Meeting Venue: Nitesh Caesars Palace Kanakapura Road Bangalore

Required Mandatory documents for registration:

1. Two Passport photographs
2. Address and ID proof..Aadhar Card
3. Driving License/Passport
4. Sale and construction Agreement xerox copy with NEL of each flat owner
5. Rs.1000 towards membership fee.

NCPBA is made for the betterment of Flat Buyers. All members are on same platform. . There is no discrimination among the members. Every member is being treated as friend and as future Neighbour. We are here not just for our common goal i.e. our Home, but also for the sake of better relationship among the Neighbours. 

While unity lies in diversity and strength comes only in being united; so join hands and show your support by becoming your NCPBA Registered members.Buyers and flat owners must join the below online forums to stand united 

fbClick here on facebook logo to join NCP Buyers closed facebook group

groupClick here on Google logo to join NCP Group


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  6. Hello NCPBA. I am a registered owner of Flat no – G0602 in Caesars Palace. I am currently resident of Chennai and i would also like to join the association in protecting the values of the Buyers. Please provide me details on my mobile number: 09381011266 or email id: for the support to stand by the association.
    Also appreciate the initiative by the members of Nitesh Estate- Caesars Palace.

    Ashok Khicha

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